Premium jar cakes. Delivered fresh.

Uniquely moist and flavorful cakes baked with fresh, whole ingredients.

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What makes our cakes so moist? The secret is in the batter. By using rich wholesome ingredients like ripe Bananas, Olive Oil, and Almond Milk, each bite is packed with unforgettable flavor.


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Food Safety

Upon arrival, consume or refrigerate for up to 3 days. Each jar carries a "baked date" and recommended date to discard. Please do not consume if you have allergies to nuts or dairy.

Serving Sizes

Our Standard Cakes arrive in 16oz and are large enough for 2-4 full servings. If sharing, use knife provided to cut and separate from jar.

Snack Size Sample Cakes arrive in 4oz and are suitable as 1 serving.


Cakes are baked fresh every Sunday for early Monday morning shipment. This ensures that you receive the freshest cake possible! All shipped in refrigerated packaging along with your choice of complimentary toppings inside.